For about two weeks since the historic official presentation of instruments of office to the new Sekumade of Ipakodo, Oba Engr Bashir Aremu Shotonwa, by the Lagos state government, the Ipebi Ipakodo, where the new monarch will be in private seclusion has been undergoing serious renovations.

The general renovation works carried out on the Ipebi Ipakodo property, a bungalow that has been abandoned and in dilapidated shape for many years is commendable.

On a visit to the once dilapidated property, Ikorodu Oga Radio correspondent observed that the broken windows has been fixed, while the inner rooms has been repainted. Also, new toilet / sanitary and water system has been fixed while the blocked sewage tank has been properly repaired.

At night, the Ipebi Ipakodo is indeed a beauty to behold as the building has been beautified with white light bulbs that makes the white paint used on the outer part of the building glitter at night.

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