Agbelebu, a Christian Stage Drama Ministration is set to go live in Ikorodu, Lagos State.

The Drama Ministration, an adaptation of the Biblical crucifixion of Our Lord Jesus Christ is a product of Cagomi Kingdom Network, a full-time Gospel Drama and Film organization based in Ikorodu Lagos, South Western Nigeria.

As a playwrite of over 2 decades, Mike chose Easter Drama Fiesta as a platform to write messages about death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, in order to mark Easter celebration on annual basis. They are set for the 7th edition of the much proclaimed event in Ikorodu, Lagos.

Apparently, though in English language, Mike adopted the style of writing Christ’s passion with Yoruba undertone.

Agbelebu is a carefully scripted Drama with strategic infusion of culture into the setting, plots and songs in most of his EDF outings and year will not be an exemption.

CAGOMI Troupe is fully set to dish out this year’s message titled ‘Agbelebu’

Agbelebu is the story of a missing son of a king, which throws the entire kingdom in a total darkness. The most painful part of the story is that, the prince is the only child of the king. As the first class king, he ordered his worriors to go in a search of him in the other villages under his kingdom. Alas, he is found dead in a neighbouring village.

Who killed the Prince? What killed him? Find out on stage as the Cagomi Kingdom Network spices up your Easter celebration with the power packed play.

Easter Drama Fiesta 2023 coming up this Easter Sunday, 9th April, 2023 at Jesus Army Global Ministries Sanctuary, 13 Ganiu Alejo Street, Jumofak Bus Stop, Ikorodu lagos.

CAGOMI is headed by Evangelist Mike Yinka-Alade. The organisation started her full operation in December 2006.

The ministry had made tremendous impact in the Christian household and in the society at large since inception.

In 2017 Mike received the mandate to start Easter Drama Fiesta to commemorate Easter celebration.

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