This may not be the best of times for one of Nollywood’s veteran director, Bolaji Dawodu as he is currently facing serious health and financial challenges.

The veteran TV and film director has penned down an emotional SOS message, addressed to the President, Muhammed Buhari, the Minister for Finance, the EFCC Chairman and the CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele.

Bolaji Dawodu who directed the now rested popular NTA Soap Checkmate in the 90s is currently in distress over some unauthorised withdrawals made from his bank account in recent times.

The nollywood director, who also directed the popular TV serial, Super Story and comedy drama, Papa Ajasco & Company had stated that the message he posted on his Facebook wall may also be taken as his ‘obituary’ as he can barely feed presently and he is also ‘feeling funny health wise’.

See the full post below;

Mr President, Minister of Finance, Governor Central Bank, EFCC. I have to bring this to the attention of Nigerians, because if I drop dead any minute from now I want you to know why.
My friends and colleagues have been trying to help me survive the hard times we are facing in our country today. They try to help me out to feed and pursue a project I am embarking on. It came to me as a shock when all the money sent to me disappeared just like that. I bank with GTBANK and STERLING BANK. On the 6th of July 2021, some money was sent to me through my GTBANK account. That morning I went to a POS, I withdrew some small amount to take care of myself precisely I collected #5000 and on the statement of account GTBANK gave me the transaction read:

  1. POS/WEB Purchase transaction-363691-340872-FLW*SODOLABA LAGOS NG.
    Before the night of 6th July and the next day 7th July 2021 my account was emptied, the transaction went thus:
  2. 6th July 2021
    POS/WEB Purchase transaction-380811-032128-FLWMUSTAPHAFA LAGOS NG. 2.6th July 2021 POS/WEB Purchase Transaction-384517-066226-FLWAWIFADAVID LAGOS NG.
    3.6th July 2021
    POS/WEB Purchase transaction-387276-553980-
  3. 7th July 2021
    POS/WEB.Purchase transaction-567549-241421-FLWSODOLABABA LAGOS NG. So my account with GTBANK was cleaned out leaving#26:37 So I went on line to complain, I was told the account has been restricted. I was told to go to their branch office and collect my statement of account, which I did. I complained to a friend what had been happening , he sent #3000 for me to go back to the bank and see somebody high up. I tried to collect the money but no way, a neighbor borrowed me some money for transport. So I went to GTBANK Ojodu. They were of no help. The lady that attended to me advised I should block the account, which I did. She now told me to go to the counter that the money sent to me that morning can be withdrawn. I collected it and used it for transport back home and paid my neighbor the little he borrowed me for transport. Getting home I decided to go on line to borrow.I have links with 1. Branch Int. and 2. Fair money. The remaining change I had was used to pay my token loan from Branch Int. and they advanced me another #3000. They forwarded the amount to my STERLING BANK account. I went home thinking everything was okay. The next day,15th July still night about 2:30am my account was debited and debit alert was sent to me which read thus: Acc#:*1910 Desc: OTHER BANK TERMINAL-Olalekanafo/LLO27006938www.interswitLANG 15th-July-2021.@ 2:30AM money withdrawn #3,125.00. That morning when it was day light l went to Sterling Bank to complain they blocked my account, took my details and promised to see what can be done and that if any amount is sent to me now I can only collect it accross the counter only
    Dear friends, colleagues and Nigerians that is my plight. I have never experienced this before. Since yesterday I have had nothing to eat and I am feeling funny health wise. That is why I am writing this, take this as my obituary yes obituary. If I should die no need to buy coffin just drop my dead body in front of any GTBank. They should use the money taken from my account the bank to bury me. Thank you guys my appreciation to all those who been supportive. God bless.
    Thank you …
    Bolaji Dawodu

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