Shakiru Seidu, an indigene of Igbogbo, Lagos State and one of the victims of the illegal Oke-Ira demolition in Igbogbo, where over 200 houses were demolished, has said that himself and other affected victims of the demolition will not engage the service of ‘Ajagungbales‘, known as landgrabbing agents to regain their property back in Oke-Ira.

It would be recalled that May 31, 2022, some armed men with thugs, conveyed in Lagos State Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development Vehicles, invaded the Oke-Ira Community with Caterpillars and demolished Shakiru Seidu’s Duplex amongst other buildings, worth billions of naira, without Court Order.

Speaking with Journalists at the Ikeja High Court in Lagos, after the suit before Justice Docas Olatokun, on Monday, 30th January, where the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development, Attorney General of Lagos State, LASBCA and Gov. Sanwo-Olu’s representatives were absent for the second time, Seidu said matter of this nature would be handled legally since Lagos State Government has refused to show concern since nine months ago.

“We will not engage the services of ‘Ajagungbales‘ to regain our properties. Nine months gone, we’re yet to hear from all relevant quarters. Several letters were written to the Governor, Representatives of both Lagos East Senatorial District and Ikorodu federal Constituency, the Council Chairman Igbogbo/ Bayeku LCDA, some GAC Members, Adeboruwa Palace and other relevant authorities, but it is so unfortunate that nothing has come up till now, which still left over 500 residents in agony and homeless.

“We would follow the due process to execute the judgments of High Court and Court of Appeal on the said land, which had left the CofO claim by the Nichemtex Cooperative with no root,” Seidu stated.

He therefore warned those that are rushing to Nichemtex Cooperative Staff to pay 5million naira per plot, due to the incessant threatenings to demolish their houses by Nichemtex Cooperative, to stop doing so.

“I wonder why some residents believe them. There is no way on earth that Nichemtex Cooperative can win this case, because the Onire Ajibode family of Bayeku that sold the Oke-Ira Land to them had been defeated by Igbogbo in two different judgments of High Court in 2009 and Appeal Court in 2018 respectively, which nolifies their CofO of 2008.

“The Nichemtex Cooperative only has right to 16 acres of land sold by Oke-Ira family to them, and they’re claiming that they bought 47.1 hectares of Oke-Ira land from the State Government. We have laws that guides us in Nigeria! Oke-Ira land is not acquired by the State government, and even if it is an acquired land, it would be decided in Court where any government would sell an acquired land to individuals for personal use.

“We have proofs that Nichemtex Cooperative have again started selling the demolished portions of the land to new clients despite the ongoing litigation and also going round to bribe some people, but we will follow the normal process to send them to jail. Our matter before the High Court Ikorodu is due for hearing on the 13th February, while the suit against the Lagos State Government and others before the Ikeja High Court had been adjourned till 6th March,” Seidu added.

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