The terrible state of infrastructure across Ikorodu division has continued to generate concerns among concerned residents and stakeholders. The issue came to the front burner again on a recent LTV 8 discussion programme monitored by Ikorodu Oga Radio, where Hon Babajimi Benson, member, representing Ikorodu federal constituency in the House of Representatives featured as guest.

 When asked about the state of Ikorodu, Hon Benson said, ‘Ikorodu is a division that is crying for infrastructural development. I would say that a lot of infrastructure projects are coming in, but we are still at the teething stage. This year’s Lagos state budget has a lot of plausible projects coming to Ikorodu, but we are still expecting more’

Speaking on the state of Ikorodu-Sagamu road, Hon Benson said, ‘That road is giving me nightmare. All the political leaders in Ikorodu are doing everything to ensure the road receives the best of attention.

He further disclosed that, ‘the federal government has approved the rehabilitation of the road in this year’s budget, but I don’t know what is delaying it. The Lagos state governor has also ordered that palliative measures be immediately embarked upon, but that is not what we really want. What we want is for that road to be reconstructed. But, there is no how the federal government can reconstruct the Lagos-Ibadan expressway and Sagamu road at the same time’.

The problem is that my people are under tremendous strain on that road, people are dying every day. It is one of the worst road that you can ever imagine. If you have to go to Sagamu, you have to go through a village. You won’t believe that such road still exist in this modern age’ he said.


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