Barely 24 hours to the 2021 IKODASS election, two main contenders have emerged in the race to replace Otunba Ganiyu Olusegun Abiru, a retired Lagos State permanent secretary and former Clerk of the Lagos Assembly, whose tenure as IKODASS Chairman ends in few weeks.

The candidates are Mr Rotimi Erogbogbo, a retired Director in Lagos State Civil service. He is a philanthropist and sponsor of the Rhoda Youth Centre, where youths are trained in various vocational skills, free-of;charge! He is also the CEO of N.H Hotel and Eroz Place Lounge all based in Ikorodu.

Erogbogbo, winner of the maiden edition of Ikorodu Man-of-the-Year Award is noted for being a role model to many Ikorodu youths across socio-political class.

Many who are supporting Erogbogbo believe that his strong network across the spectrum of Ikorodu will be a big plus for IKODASS as an organization.

They also believe that, like Otunba Abiru, Erogbogbo is highly sociable, popular and loved among stakeholders in Ikorodu. This is apart from the fact that he is younger and highly cerebral.

The second candidate in tomorrow’s election is Alh Akeem Olusanya, a Chartered Accountant by training who contested against the outgoing Chairman, Abiru in 2019 but later stepped down. Alh Olusanya once served as Chairman of the IKODASS Constitution Review Committee that midwife the current IKODASS constitution.

Those rooting for Olusanya believes that his loyalty, honesty and respect for elders should be rewarded with the chairmanship position at tomorrow’s election.

The election is coming  few weeks to the end of the statutory second term in office of Otunba Ganiyu Olusegun Abiru, the incumbent Chairman of the Ikorodu Oga Development Association (IKODASS).

Abiru, who came into office in 2017 has made tremendous difference in the management of IKODASS and have also given a major facelift to the hosting of the annual Ikorodu Oga Day celebrations by making it the rallying point of Ikorodu sons and daughters at home and in the diaspora.

His administration is also credited to for the repositioning and total overhaul of IKODASS as well as the Ikorodu Oga Day celebrations.

He was also responsible for the review of the IKODASS constitution that is currently in operation. The constitution is instrumental to the inclusion of core professionals into key IKODASS executive positions since the constitution came into effect two years ago. This is contrary to the former practice where non-professionals occupy executive positions that require professional experience and qualifications.

Whichever of the two candidates emerge in tomorrow election, one thing that is certain is that, Otunba Abiru is leaving a big shoe for the next IKODASS Chairman to wear.

The outgoing IKODASS Chairman, Otinba Ganiyu Olusegun Abiru





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