Tinubu, Only Candidate on the Bloc 1: Where is Your War Medal(s)

Do you know how the monarchs came to being? Aside the prophets who were chosen by God Himself, pristine leaders emerged from wars. You saved your people from scourges of attacks, conquer territories for them and decree rules and laws for them. That was why they were crowned kings.

The Arabian bedouins were natural warriors and that is why monarchies reign forever in their kingdoms. Civilization and democracy must not mask the fact that until Thy-Kingdom-come, mankind is at war with its kind. Does it need explanation?

I listened to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu at the Teslim Balogun Stadium in 2019 when, holding the broom, he was reeling out the history of europe and America and the emergence of war lords to save their country: Charles de Gaulle, Winston Churchill and others at the critical times of their country’s development to justify the need for us to vote General Buhari. We are still in the economic doldrums. But only an infinitesimal few that have more than street knowledge will appreciate having him as President especially during COVID-19.

For anyone to lead a nation, the question must be asked: what wars have you fought for your nation?

This country was at war for independence in the 50s. There was civil war in ’67 – ’70. General Babangida pulled us into a war for the soul of our nation from his gang in 1993 – 1998. Then there were pockets of crisis with governments. Where were these candidates in ’93 – ’98 and thereafter?

The ones who were involved were Sowore, Al-Mustapha and Tinubu. The other adults had no roles. Sowore was a renowned students union activist and remains an activist till date. Al-Mustapha fought on the wrong side of history.

Tinubu was elected Senator of the Federal Republic in 1992. When the 1993 election was annulled, he left his comfort zone and went on exile to found NADECO with other compatriots. He funded NADECO which was a thorn in the flesh of the junta. If not for that war, there would have been a Sese Seko of Nigeria. Only God knows where we will be. Remember, that there was a Senate President then by name Iyochia Ayu. What mattered to him then was maintaining his office oblivious of other events like a leach. Just like now.

Turaki Abubakar Atiku was an aspirant in the SDP primaries of 1992. He could have been President or Vice President. I can not recollect any statement he made during that ‘political impasse’. He only came forward seeking to be President of Nigeria. In words or action, he never did anything for this country. Not forgetting that he was Vice President.

The issue at hand is not about bridges and electricity alone. We are in an international war and we should be led by a strong warrior. Our francophone neighbours have already been completely recolonised. Do not wait for it. COVID-19 was a man-made war against the blackman and Africans. You need no further proof than the frustration of Mrs. Melinda Gates (as she then was) when she lamented that we were not dieing like flies.

A Yoruba adage states that a soldier who came from the warfront to declare victory matched on 16 chickens and they died instantly. He met 16 men on the way and beat them to stupor. If you cannot see what happened in the warfront, did you not see the one at home? Tinubu as Governor of Lagos State confronted the Federal Government over the lopsided creation of local governments. Today, against the intimidation and might, his 57 LCDAs stand. That is the one who can confront a world against us.

There is clothing for different seasons and different weapons for different wars. I reiterate that this system is skewed and it cannot produce proper leadership. But in the midst of this confusion and the need of the time in global politics, Tinubu stands out.

S. O. K. Shillings Esq.

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