Less the one week after the swearing in of the new local council chairmen in Lagos State, concerned indigenes have started to set agenda for the new council helmsmen.

The latest admonition is coming from a concerned indigene of Imota LCDA, Mr Oke Godwin who has charged the Imota LCDA to beat the expectation of residents by performing in key areas like Security, Health, Road Infrastructure, Education and other legacy projects.

Godwin, an economist and public affairs analyst also charged the Imota LCDA Chairman to leverage on the Lagos State Rice Mill sited in the community for the benefits of the council area by being proactive.

The open letter is hereby reproduced below;



Attn: Honourable Wasiu Agoro

I am glad to be among the early birds to congratulate you on your assumption to the office of the executive chairman of Imota LCDA for a second term tenure. Congratulations sir.

Mr chairman, I chose this medium to address you because the exigencies of your office may not permit you to read mails on time, perhaps my suggestions may form part of your strategic plans as you settle down in office.

Mr chairman, as you commence your second term in office, you have no choice other than to deliver on your promises to the good people of Imota for two good reasons among others. First, based on your track records, your capacity to deliver on good governance is not in doubt. Secondly, due to the siting of a major state project within Imota LCDA, the community is expected to witness an improved level of economic activities and development in the coming days, therefore your administration cannot afford to play catch up, but to be ahead.

In my opinion Mr chairman, these are the low hanging and riped fruits your administration can pluck to change the face of governance in Imota LCDA.

You should ensure the completion of the proposed local government secretariat which you started in your first term tenure. A befitting working environment will not only improve staff productivity, it will also engrave a positive impression in the minds of visitors and investors alike.

Mr chairman, you will agree that security within Imota LCDA is at its lowest ebb recently, it is imperative to rejig the security architecture by setting in/on motion a joint security outfit to be funded by a special purpose trust fund. Due to the paucity of funds, your administration can set up a partnership with the private sector and relevant stakeholders to provide funding for the outfit.

Sir, a special unit should be created for road rehabilitation, you can also propose a bye law to set up a direct Labour agency, solely responsible for grading of inner roads, most especially the new sites and rehabilitation of existing roads. This will also create jobs for our teeming youths.

Mr chairman, As you are aware, free education is the hallmark of educational programme of the APC in Lagos state. To complement this effort, I will suggest that your office proposes a bye law for the provision of free writing materials for every pupil in primary schools within Imota LCDA. The rehabilitation of the primary school and provision of furnitures should also be a priority of your administration.

The primary health centres within Imota LCDA should be adequately provided with basic drugs,maternity care among others. Your administration should also sponsor a free health programmes at regular intervals.

Mr chairman, there is a perception that your administration could have performed better in your first term in office but failed to meet expectations. We will keep tab on the activities of your administration this time around, we strongly hope you will beat our expectations.

Mr chairman sir, the task ahead is a daunting one but surmountable. The time to get to work is now. I pray Almighty God guide you aright through your tenure .

Congratulations once again sir. My best wishes always.

Oke Godwin a.k.a Ogo4real

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