Over 125 market men and women drawn from the six Ikorodu Division Local Council Areas were full of praises for Rep Babajimi Adegoke Benson on Friday when the federal lawmaker supported them with a grant of N20,000 each.

Speaking on behalf of her other beneficiaries, the Acting Iyaloja-General of Ikorodu Division, Princess Adebukola Osho praised Hon Benson for his constant support to her members.

In her words, ‘This is not the first time Hon Benson will be giving us financial support, it his his usual practice and we remain ever grateful to him for always having us in mind. My prayer is that God will always meet him at his own pont of need’.

She however has a word for her members who benefitted from the financial aid.

‘I want to urge our people who got this financial support to ensure that they plough the fund into their businesses. What our Honourable want is for us to invest the money into our businesses and use the profit to feed our families and support our children’s education. It is not meant to buy party clothes or used for other purposes apart from growing our businesses’, she counseled.

Speaking earlier on the reason behind the support, Rep Benson explained that it was his own way of identifying with the market men and women in this trying times.

‘We have recently facilitated ICT Centres to train and position our youths to tap into the booming global Tech industry. In a couple of weeks from now, we will be reaching out to other sectors of our Constituency’.

Asked if the cash palliative was a federal government sponsored programme or a Constituency project, Rep Benson clarified that it was his personal financial support for the market men and women.

Benson concluded by appealing to Nigerians, particularly residents of Ikorodu Federal Constituency to bear with the current economic situation in the country, stating that the federal government policy was a necessary step towards rejigging the nation’s economy.

‘Those are expected decisions that a strong leader should take. At the end of the day, there is a silver lining. The President is doing exceedingly well to attract foreign investments to Nigeria, to curb leakages and corruption. The end goal is that we see prosperity and renewed hope in a not too distant future’, he assured.

Also, on some of his recent interventions, he stated; ‘We recently intervened in the ICT sector. We are trying to make our youths more marketable, so that by the time they leave secondary schools they are already equipped. The world is now a global village. They are looking for talented youths from primary to secondary schools. Once you are tech-savy, you don’t know to go to the four walls of a University, you can develop yourself from there. A lot of Indians in the Tech sectors didn’t go to the university. So, we want to our ICT in more schools across Ikorodu Division’ , he promised.

Many of the beneficiaries of the financial aid commended Rep Benson and urged other political office holders to follow suit.

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