Meanwhile, a concerned Ikorodu stakeholder, community media practitioner and Founder of Ikorodu Oga Radio & TV, Om’oba ’Peju Akinyemi has condemned media reports linking the Badoo cult shrine, destroyed by police to Ikorodu community.

Omo’ba Akinyemi spoke, against the backdrop of reactions being generated in the traditional and social media on the destruction of Badoo shrines purportedly located in Ikorodu area of the state. He clarified that, contrary to media reports, the shrine was not located in any part of Ikorodu division.

Speaking exclusively to Ikorodu Oga Radio, Omo’ba Akinyemi said, ‘it is unfortunate that, Ikorodu was plaqued by the Badoo cult killings and other criminal activities, which has now become history. He however said, ‘connecting the Badoo cult shrine discovered and recently destroyed by the police in Agbowa to Ikorodu, a community currently battling the effects of the criminal cult gang and negative public perception of the community, is doing the community a great deal of disservice’.

Akinyemi further blamed journalists, especially those in the national media who does not do proper investigations and background checks before submitting their reports for the misinformation. He also blamed land speculators and estate developers operating in the Agbowa area of Ikosi-Ejirin LCDA of Epe Division of the state for promoting the wrong impression to promote their estates, by capitalizing on the proximity of Agbowa to Ikorodu, in a desperate bid to attract patronage to their properties.

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