In a bid to correct the negative impression generated by the recent cases of badoo killing in Ikorodu as well as the bad press being generated and its effect has become an issue in the community and even beyond Ikorodu division.

A group of Ikorodu youth under the aegis of Ikorodu Ambassadors hosted a business networking event,  tagged”Hang out with Rasheed Fatuga “with its theme” Aging is a fact of life, looking your age is Not” which serves as an avenue for youths in Ikorodu community to come together with the aim of promoting peace, unity and business networking.

Convener of the networking event, Rasheed Fatuga who is also  the administrator of Ikorodu Ambassador, an online youth group with over 22,000 members on facebook said that the purpose of the programme was to promote unity among the youths in the community. In addition, Fatuga said that the hangout event was conceived with a view to stimulating patronage of Ikorodu based businesses by residents. This, he explained was the reason for hosting the event at a business premises of Breath of Paradiz Salon, Spa and Gym, to showcase the quality services available to numerous attendees.

Speaking further, Fatuga added that with the event and its subsequent report on major local, national and online media, the impression that Ikorodu is a hide out of criminals and ritualists would be corrected, since such event could not have been held under a negative security atmosphere.

He said “we all can come together and do big things with each other for our community by networking. The Ikeja and Lekki of today that we all go to chill, started like Ikorodu but the indigenes built it to where it is now. We now have big brands coming to our community, why don’t we patronize and bring the fun to our community. The purpose of this hangout is to know what you can do for me and what I can do for you’.

Mr Fatuga also said that the programme, which was the first edition would be a continuous event and would be hosted in many other business premises across the division.

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