There has been palpable fears pervading some parts of Ikorodu, Ipakodo and Solomade areas of Ikorodu community on the possibility of an outbreak of epidemic around the area. This is due to a strange and foul odour, which has enveloped some part of the community for over one week.

The foul odour, which was initially taken for granted by residents, became a source of concern among residents of the areas after it escalated, following the rains of Friday, 25th January.

While some residents adduced the foul smell to wastes being generated at the Ikorodu slaughter slab, others adduced it to wastes from Dangote factory by the Ikorodu lighter terminal.

Further investigations by Ikorodu Oga Radio also revealed that some residents who patronize the ferry transport systems at Ipakodo ferry terminal have been perceiving the odour on the water ways for over one week.

Some residents of Palapo community in Ikorodu GRA 2 have also complained that the odour may have been from the water-ways.

Residents have however called on relevant authorities to nip the odour in the bud, to avert an outbreak of epidemic in the area.

It would be recalled that there has been reported cases of LASSA fever in about eight states of the country, as at last week.


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