Seven house of assembly candidates from various political parties who are desirous of representing Ikorodu Constitunecy 1 and 2 at the Lagos State House of Assembly recently locked horns at the Ikorodu Division Legislative Debate, organized by the Ikorodu Division Youth Movement and R.E.A.L Initiatives, a non-governmental organisation.

The debate, which took place at the Ikorodu Town Hall was witnessed by stakeholders,  members of the press and political associates of the party candidates across Ikorodu division.

The political party candidates agreed and disagreed on approaches and solutions to many policy issues and government programmes, bothering on Security, Education, Cultism, Infrastructure, Youth empowerment among others.

On Security, Hon Ayanlaja, candidate of the Alliance for Democracy pledged to support the local vigilante groups with material and necessary equipment to enhance their effectiveness. Similarly, the ADC candidate for Ikorodu Constituency 1, Hon Adeyemi Odofin corroborated Hon Ayanlaja by pledging financial and moral support to local vigilante so as to enable them discharge their duties more effectively.

All but one of the candidates were however unanimous in their agenda for addressing insecurity in the division through strengthening of the local security group, Onyabo Vigilante.  They all pledged to give material, financial and moral supports to the local vigilante 4o enable them function more effectively.

However, ANN candidate for Ikorodu Constituency 2 seat, Barr Okoro disagreed with the general position, noting that, what the state government is doing, through the Lagos State Neighbourhood Service Corps was a mockery of the security situation in the division. He opined that, strengthening of the traditional security apparatus was the only way out.

Hon Agunbaide, in a sharp disagreement with Hon Okoro stressed that the Lagos State government has done so much in offering assistance to the Nigerian police in doing their job. He also stressed that the bicycles purchased for the LNSC was meant for surveillance and not for pursuing robbers or criminals.

On part-time legislation, Hon Agunbiade disagreed with the clamour for part-time legislation, stressing that those who are advocating for it are simply ignorant of the enormity of works and responsibility being shouldered by legislators. He added that, the level of technology advancement in foreign countries where part-time legislation is practiced cannot be compared to the state of technology in Nigeria.

On youth inclusion in governance,  Hon Agunbaide berates some youths he described as arm-chair and social media commentators,  who would rather criticize public office holders and government policies,  rather than take advantage of a fora like the Ikorodu legislative debate to air their views and engage those who wish to represent them.

The debate ended with the formal pledge by all participating candidates to say-no-to –violence, by ensuring peaceful elections.

Candidate’s campaign focus;                                                                                                                                  Hon Samsideen Ayanlaja, AD Ikorodu Constituency 1 a.k.a Omo Adugbo- Grassroots Governance and Social Welfare for the Aged. Prince Adegoke Ademola, Alliance for Democracy candidate, Ikorodu Constituency 2- Effective Grassroots Government

Prince Adeyemi Odofin, ADC Ikorodu Constituency 1 pledged to focus on Vocational and Skill Acquisition Trainings and youth empowerment.

The only female candidate in the forthcoming elections, Hon Oyebanjo Adeola, ADC Constituency 2 promised all-inclusive governance, with women and youth as major focus.

Hon Balogun Rotimi, candidate of the Alliance for New Nigeria Ikorodu Constituency 1pledged to focus his legislation on Infrastructural development and lasting economic empowerment, with the promise to teach constituents how to fish, rather than giving them  fish to eat.

Meanwhile, BarrPaul Okoro, Alliance for New Nigeria promised to promote the abolition of planned charges on borehole drilling. He also pledged to ensure prompt and adequate compensation for owners of demolished properties at Igbogbo. He further promised to make a difference, through purposeful leadership

The incumbent member, representing Ikorodu Constituency 1 and majority leader of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. S.O.B Agunbiade stressed the need for the electorates to vote for his, being the most experienced among the contestants. He reeled out his scorecards to include, the review of 216 Laws of Lagos State under his committee, sponsorship of the Anti-Land grabbing bill, small loans and economic empowerment of youths as some of the reasons he deserved to be returned to the house of assembly.

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