Candidate of the Action Democratic Party, ADP for Saturday’s governorship election in Lagos State, Mr Babatunde Olusola Gbadamosi has decried the poor working conditions and remuneration of civil servants in the State. The candidate has therefore promised an increase in staff salary if elected into office.

He berated a situation where an unnamed governorship candidate relegated the status of Lagos State Government workers by making them struggle for bags of rice shared to them at the State secretariat during a campaign visit.

Gbadamosi, a native of Ikorodu disclosed this on Monday, 4th March at his party’s Lagos east governorship rally held in his home town, Ikorodu. He added that, when compared to their counterparts abroad, the welfare package of Lagos State civil servants is too poor.

‘Go to Dubai, which is an ordinary state in UAE, their police and other civil servants are well remunerated, with attractive welfare package to go with. Unlike our own civil servants that were struggling for bags of rice donated by politicians’, he said.

He therefore promised to improve the lot of government staffs thorough salary increase, if elected into office at the forthcoming governorship polls in the State.

Gbadamosi also pledged to rebuild Lagos State to an enviable State in Nigeria and Africa at large, within the next 18 months, if elected. He further described himself and his party ADP as the David that will defeat the Goliath of Lagos State.

He therefore charged party supporters and crowd at the rally to partner with his party, the ADP in order to liberate Lagos State from corrupt governance and God-fatherism, which he said has been the bane of the State development.

In addition, Gbadamosi disclosed that his party, ADP has entered into strategic partnership with key political parties in Lagos State so as to ensure victory for him at Saturday’s governorship polls in the state.

He therefore charged the crowd of supporters to make the most of the next few days preceding the governorship election in the State by mobilizing friends, neighbours and acquaintances to support him and all ADP candidates at Saturdays election, stating that it was a sacrifice they must make in their own interest and that of their unborn children.

Flaunting his track records, Gbadamosi noted that everything he is planning to do as Lagos State governor are things he has done effectively in his private capacity as a real estate developer and owner of the much-touted Amen Estate, based in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos. He stated that he has provided shelter, electricity, water and other amenities for residents of his estate in the past ten years and is prepared to do same for Lagosians.

He promised to build world-class roads, hospitals and other infrastructural facilities for the benefits of Lagosians.





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