In the bid to restore normalcy to what is gradually becoming a chaotic traffic and environmental situation at the popular Ikorodu garage round about, the Lagos State Ministry of Environment, through the men of Kick Against Indiscipline KAI, has again raided Ikorodu Garage area on 31st January, 2017,  to arrest street traders who have continued to encroach the road while displaying their wares.

According to an Officer of the Agency who spoke to Ikorodu Oga Radio’s reporter, the Ikorodu garage round-about has continued to be one of the congested areas along the Lagos Road, noting it as the reason why KAI has one of its vans permanently stationed close to the area to consistently monitor people who engage in street trading, saying that some of the traders have had their goods seized, while some have been arrested this year and taken to the KAI administrative office in Alausa, Ikeja for appropriate punishment.

The unexpected invasion of the area by officers of the Agency, according to some of the traders, threw most of the many street traders and passersby into confusion, as traders were seen hiding their wares, while the officers seize goods belonging to unsuspected traders on trays and wheel barrows.

An angry trader, Sherifat, who had her goods seized was seen cursing out the officers for seizing her goods, saying that the economic situation in the country was what pushed her into displaying her goods on the road, since she could not afford to pay for a shop. She further lamented that she does not have savings anywhere to bail her goods from the Agency’s office in Ikeja.

The KAI Officer further told Ikorodu Oga Radio’s Correspondence, that the raid carried out on Tuesday, 31st January, 2017, was the third raid in January alone, and that the agency will do more in subsequent months at unexpected times, until normalcy returns to the road.


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