The Nigeria Custom Service, NCS has downgraded Ikorodu Lighter Terminal, from its command status and will now serve as a Federal Government Warehouse, a place where seized items are stored until they are disposed of.

A letter to this effect signed by Assistant Comptroller General (Headquarters), Azarema Abulkadir, on behalf of the Comptroller General of Customs, Hameed Ali, said this becomes imperative considering the severe drop in the volume of cargo currently being handled at the terminal, which has led to the under exploitation of manpower. The letter dated August 23rd 2018,also noted that the terminal will henceforth be maintained as a government warehouse under the supervision of the zonal coordinator, Zone A, Lagos.

“The dearth of warehousing space therefore led to the designation of the Ikorodu Lighter Terminal by the government as a depth for overtime and other problem goods. This witnessed the transfer of high volume of cargo there and then necessitated the running of the place as an Area command by the NCS.

However, considering the drastic drop in the volume of cargo being deposited there now, which has created the underutilization of manpower, management has reviewed the situation and found out that it is no longer cost effective to continue to run the place as an Area Command. It is therefore directed that the terminal be maintained as a government warehouse only and its operations be placed under the supervision of the zonal office, with immediate effect”.

” In view of the above, the zonal coordinator is directed to select the appropriate number of officers and men to man the government warehouse from the list of those currently serving there, appoint an Assistant Comptroller as the head and direct the day to day affairs of the government warehouse “.

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