The campaign for Otunba Ganiyu Olusegun Abiru, a former Clerk of the Lagos State House of Assembly and retired Permanent Secretary in the state has continued to gain momentum.

This follows a 15-Point reasons released by his campaign team on why he remains the best and most qualified candidate to replace the incumbent, Senator Bareehu Ashafa at the Senate in 2019. Check out some of the reasons below and draw your own conclusions.

  1. Abiru is a reserved, forthright, awesome, principled, and honest person. He has in him the spirit of Barack Obama, the former American president, whose ideas navigated a change exponent for the world.  Abiru is unstoppable, once he sets himself out to achieve a task, he realises it.


  1. Abiru  is a true bridge between the town and gown. Evinced by the way he has glued the division together. Abiru has promoted a new sense of collectivity and patriotism in Ikorodu division which he intends to replicate in  Lagos East Senatorial District. The last Ikorodu Oga, is still fresh in our memories. As the chairman of IKODASS, we saw a transformation and renaissance of our socio-cultural heritage. A unification which brings the entire Ikorodu division together as one. Abiru for us, is a poster boy or beacon of hope and a man who connects well with all social classes and groups.


  1. He has the right mix of intelligence and persistence. As a  person who understands the problems and challenges staring the District in the face , Abiru is the most tested and trusted person to represent us in the Senate and advance the course of Lagos East Senatorial District.


  1. Abiru is a man of integrity, whose words are always his bond. Despite being in public service for well over 32 years, he was untainted with any record of corruption. Not even an allegation of it is traceable to him. It is certain he will not compromise such virtue and values for any pecuniary gain if he gets to the Senate.


  1. The aspiring Senator is a meticulous and benevolent leader, who prefers empowering and teaching people to fish rather than doling out cheap money. His task has always been to leverage our youth not only into becoming  self-sufficient individuals, but also a factor in societal processes and development.


  1. Abiru is a man of the people. He is a relentless interventionist. He is loved by people for always leading from the front whenever he discovers that his people are being oppressed or require assistance.


  1. As an amiable personality, Abiru is a bridge builder, who plays politics without bitterness and whose experience and network cut across party lines and other aspects of human endeavours.


  1. Abiru’s commitment and focal point are to return Lagos East Senatorial District to its place of pride, where especially the East Senatorial District will be the cynosure of good representation and recipient of dividend of democracy.


  1. Abiru promises to do his utmost in the Senate and work in tandem with other representatives in the House of Representative and House of Assembly to ensure that the development of Lagos State is a continuum. The modus of doing this will be further adumberated in our yet to be released insightful and compelling manifestoes on the challenges facing the Lagos East Senatorial District. Through bills and motions he will systematically focus on key but fundamental areas that hinge on local economies, viable agricultural scheme, insecurity, investment in the people, (especially the youth) through human capital development and empowerment. He will through d processes of legislative activities optimise the quality of education and innovations, as well as creating avenue through international collaboration for knowledge production and benefits which will be impactful on the lives of our people among other areas he intends to work upon.


  1. Abiru is one of the Ikorodu division indigenes vying for the Lagos East Senatorial position in the state.  Supporting Abiru is akin to joining hands with the progressives who want to see a positive change in our political hemisphere.


  1. He does not discriminate against anyone. He respects and treats all groups with affection and  appreciates their  preferences and idiosyncrasies. At the same time, he treats both the high and the low, the rich and the poor, interfaith based religions equally. He picks all his calls, notwithstanding the cadre of the caller. If, for any reason, he misses a call, he would definitely return the call.


  1. Abiru loves and has unquenchable passion for the growth of Lagos East Senatorial District in particular and Lagos State in general.


  1. Abiru as a Philanthropist with his foundation called WAHAB & KAOS FOUNDATION has helped many people to shape their ambitions and purposes in life. He has personally sponsored the education of several and invested in the professional career of many young people. Many focused young men within and outside lkorodu division have benefited immensely from his kind gesture.


  1. Abiru is a charismatic leader who believes in the greatest good for the greatest number of people. A compassionate leader with conscientious consideration. These are attributes that he will bring to bear to upscale the development of not only the Senatorial District,but Lagos state as a whole. His performance and commitment to duty as a former Clerk/Permanent Secretary of the Lagos State House of Assembly  explains why his tenure remains a reference point and his achievements indellible on the sand of time and history.


  1. The processes of law making and other attendant responsibilities of a Legislator are not novel to him. Legislative Chamber is a familiar terrain having been the Clerk of the most focused and virile Legislative House in Africa for almost five years. The aforesaid are cogent and potent reasons he should be given the nod to represent us in the Senate to continue to do what he does best.


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