When the Senator, representing Lagos East Senatorial District and Chairman of the Senate Committee on Industries first announced the SAIL- Senator Abiru Innovation Lab Initiative, not many could fathom the massive benefits inherent in the programme.

With specific training and accelerator programmes covering, Creative Business & Fashion, Teaching, STEM and Start Ups, the former Bank Chief seems determined to touch on every critical sector of the Lagos East economy, with one goal in mind- to make millionaires!

Yours truly was admitted as part of participation for the SAIL Start Up Accelerator programme and I must confess that, I got more than I bargained for, in terms of insightful teachings, tech exposure as well as processes for generating, developing, incubating and attracting fundings in hundreds and millions of dollars for my tech-based innovative business idea.

Though, the training would last for six (6) months with weekly lectures and phased into 3 months per phase, the introductory / orientation class of Thursday 17th March was too explosive, thus making me wonder about what to expect in the remaining parts of the programme.

And, it is important for me to stress that, while tech appeals to youths more, the programme goes beyond being a strictly youth training as being erroneously perceived by many constituents, who like me should take advantage of the innovation lab to scale up our businesses or birth new tech-driven businesses.

May I clarify at this point that, I was not paid, neither was in any way induced to do this, but necessity is laid upon me to do this as a way of appreciating the noble and commendable efforts of our Distinguished Senator, while also encouraging many constituents who are yet fathom the benefits of attending the training to have a rethink.

There is no doubt that Distinguished Senator Tokubo Abiru is doing good, as demonstrated through this uncommon initiative, alien to the average Nigerian politician who would rather make their constituents permanently subservient to them by offering them financial peanuts, rather than embark on genuine and sustainable empowerment programmes, like the SAIL.

Frankly speaking, if Yahoo Boys and their Yahoo Plus colleagues had a glimpse of the massive financial benefits accessible through the Senator Abiru Innovation Lab (SAIL), many of them would rather tow this path than the ignoble one they currently follow.

We were made to understand through practical demonstration and life examples that, at the end of the training, participants can access as much as hundreds of thousands, and even Miilions of Dollars, through tech-business funding opportunities to be facilitated by the SAIL and the Co-Creation Hub, SAIL Tech Partner on the innovative project.

On behalf of myself and millions of Lagos East Constituents, I want to sincerely thank Senator Mukahil Adetokunbo Abiru for this unprecedented entrepreneurship development initiative capable of producing hundreds of Multi-Millionaires across the Lagos East Senatorial District in few years.

If you think I have been blabbing all the while, then watch out for my new tech-driven innovative business in a short while.

And, if you believe in ‘seeing-is-believing’, then endeavour to register for the next batch of the training and see things for yourself.

My name is Omo’ba ‘Peju Akinyemi, arpa

– Lagos East Constituent
– Founder / CEO, Ikorodu Oga Radio
– Participant, Senator Abiru Innovative Lab (SAIL Accelerator Training Programme)

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