The new commissioner for information in Lagos State, Mr Kehinde Bamigbetan has admitted that, the state government is very much aware of the state of refuse collection and disposal in Lagos State and has started working round the clock to rid the state of the refuse.

He explained that the government has put machinery in motion to collect the wastes bring dropped on the roads and medians across the state by Lagosians. He added that, as waste collection is on-going, distribution of waste bags is currently on-going across the state, to ensure that Lagosians can properly package their wastes for proper disposal by the government.

Bamigbetan also pleaded, on behalf of the government for the understanding of Lagos residents for the time being, pending the time the current refuse situation is arrested.

‘Today, we will be the first to admit that Lagos state is having challenges with refuse management systems. We will be the first to admit that, all over Lagos, we are evacuating refuse 24 hours, but even as we are evacuating them, more people are dropping refuse where they are not supposed to drop them.

However, Bamigbetan reiterated the commitment of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode and Lagos state government to rid the state of refuse and indiscriminately disposed dirts ‘ We need to let you know that, we have a very clear mission that this is just a dark night that will open to a dawn very soon.

He further assured that, ‘the compactors are being brought in every day, the waste bins are being distributed from home to home. The more waste bins are in the homes, the lesser the people that will take their wastes to the medians. And, as we divert that traffic and we keep evacuating that waste, we put in place a system that enables us to not just pick refuse, collect refuse, but also ensure that the refuse is processed is such a way that it becomes wealth to the environment’.

He therefore appealed on behalf of the Lagos state government for the understanding of Lagosians to bear with the government while the temporary refuse and waste management challenge lasts.

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