There was pandemonium at the Ikorodu terminal of the Blue BRT buses around garage round about on Wednesday, 7th August, 2019 as commuters engage themselves in fisticuffs and physical assaults before they were able to buy the bus tickets to their various destinations.

Ikorodu Oga Radio correspondent who witnessed the unfortunate and embarrassing situation reports that while there were many commuters waiting to board the bus, only one ticketing officer was seen attending to the anxious commuters who crowded the only ticket staff until the situation got out of control and it became a free-for-all and a matter of the proverbial survival of the fittest.

Our correspondent reports that an aged man and a woman in her fifties were rough handled and were almost injured, in their attempts to buy the bus ticket. But, for the intervention of an unnamed staff of the Primero, the situation would have degenerated.

Meanwhile, our correspondent noted that the operators of the Blue BRT buses are not being fair in the treatment of Ikorodu commuters, compared to their counterparts in other parts of the state, particularly at TBS where there is a ticket cubicle with many ticketing staff on ground to attend to commuters.

It is hoped that the management of the Primero Transport Ltd, operators of the Blue BRT buses will review their ticketing operations at the Ikorodu terminal, with a view to ameliorating the suffering of the poor commuters.

Photo from the scene



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