Few months to the general elections, a leader of thought and influential Ikorodu Division Community Leader, Otunba Ganiyu Olusegun Abiru has called out the Lagos State Governor, Mr Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu, Senator Tokunbo Abiru and Hon Babajimi Benson on the need for the grave error to be corrected.

Abiru, a retired former Permanent Secretary and Clerk of the Lagos State House of Assembly has stated that Ikorodu Division deserved more government presence to compensate for the community’s consistent support and loyalty to the ruling party in the State.

The Otunba Fuwagbuyi of Ikorodu however, commended the duo of Senator Adetokunbo Abiru and Hon Babajimi Benson for bridging the infrastructural gap through their effective representations.

He equally commended the Lagos State Governor, Mr Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu for his affinity to Ikorodu Division but noted that it was yet to translate into meaningful development for the Division.

A full text of the Article is reproduced below;

It is indeed pathetic that our roads infrastructure is what it is today, courtesy of the serial neglect of previous administration in Lagos State. It would appear right from the time of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, till this present Administration, one can rightly, truly but with regret conclude that we have nobody fighting the cause of lkorodu Division, both at the State and Federal levels and if there were, their efforts are not visible in the lives of the citizens.

With the massive votes garnered by the ruling party, APC at every election over the years, the status of our roads infrastructure is not commensurate with the overwhelming support given to the party all the time and this unfortunately shows that our contribution to its (APC) electoral victory is not appreciated.

One is tempted to canvass that we muster our support for another political party that will appreciate us, but honestly, if not for Hon Jimi Benson who has been helping to make lkorodu division begin to feel the presence of government in lkorodu particularly on roads infrastructure, one would have thought lkorodu is not part of Lagos State and would have seriously campaigned against continued support of the people of lkorodu to the party that scorns our contribution to its success.

Yes, as I have always argued, Governor Sanwoolu to me appears to be the only Governor that has shown some sincere interest in lkorodu Division since 1999. He impressed me with the seriousness he attaches to the completion of projects such as Oba Sekumade-Ogolonto, Itamaga- ljede, Owutu-Agric axis roads, re-construction of garage round about as well as the rice mill factory in lmota which I learned has started production.

Aside from his other laudable interventions in other areas, his regular visits to lkorodu distinguish him from others and this is a clear testimony that he is more pro lkorodu than his predecessors in office. I stand to be corrected that since 1999, no governor of the State has visited lkorodu more than Governor Sanwoolu.

Again, no governor has ever respected lkorodu so much like he does. Not that he has done sufficiently enough, but unlike the previous governors he is showing some interest in the developmental stride of the division and there is a semblance of hope that he will do more if he can be pressured by our representatives, the council of Obas and Chiefs and also our elites both in d political and business circles.

His humility to accept to come to Oriwu Club for the investiture ceremonies elegantly stood him out.

Without being invidious, Senator Abiru is equally doing so much. A very superlative performance in the area of human capital development which is critical and very key to a sustainable growth in all facets of our lives. I say with pride that the duo of Abiru and Benson is an undeniable blessing to our division, hence the need for the combined synergy of the two if we are to make any remarkable headway in infrastructural development in lkorodu division.

I was at Alimosho yesterday and Agege today, I was shocked to observe that almost every nook and cranny is tarred while roads rehabilitation continues.

You can see and feel government’s presence in these places and other local governments and you begin to wonder the reason for the unmerited neglect of lkorodu division. Of all the divisons in Lagos State, lkorodu appears to be the least developed and appreciated by Governors of Lagos State.

The time for us to step up our agitation is now and this can be done successfully by the earlier mentioned categories of people.

Any party desirous of our votes should tell us what it wants to do for us. This is not about loyalty to the party but asking the government to also pay attention to our socio economic and political development as lkorodu is also an integral part of Lagos State. Loyalty must not be blind and total. To me Loyalty must be reciprocal. Loyalty must be appreciated and compensated, but should not be blind, if it is blind gullibility will be the outcome.

To the powers that be, politics is a game of investment and unlike some other Divisions, it is rumoured or alleged that our financial input into the fortunes of the ruling party has not been impactful. Yes, no doubt, politics and its gains are directly proportional to inputs of individuals and communities, but if indeed that our contribution financially is infinitesimal, what about our overwhelming bulk votes which to me could be said to be an indirect investment into the political economy of the party?

Our population is intimidating. Our population is an asset and golden. Without the input of people, what could money do? Can money vote on the day of election? We are not saying money is not important, same way, population can not also be diminished in political calculus of electoral victory.

The time has come when we must stand up and demand our legitimate right. Power is not served a la carte, so also, your right may be deprived of you if you are too timid to ask for it and if you fail to ask for it, it will be shared among those who are consistently vociferous.

This is not the time to apportion blame but to use what we have to get what will be beneficial to us as a Division.

Kabiyesi Ayangburen, during the investiture ceremony of Mr Governor told us that in the 30 year plan drawn for Lagos State during d Ehingbeti Summit, lkorodu was not captured or incorporated in the proposed development plan. Could that be deliberate or an innocent mistake? The plan has to be redrafted to include lkorodu interest. All our representatives both in the state and Federal should see to this without excluding the Commissioners in this remedial effort.

All our Obas must speak with a voice with a view to having more of government’s projects spread across the division.

As we lay our beds, so shall we lie in it..We have to back our agitations with action.

To our elites who often show apathy in politics, they should know that politics drives all other factors of development and your PVC is the potent instrument to elect those that will guarantee a dream state that you desire.

If you stay aloof and an incompetent nincompoop is elected, you will have no moral right to complain when he starts making policies that will ruin your business and the future of your children and grandchildren.

Make a choice to be part of d envisaged CHANGE .

Happy and a prosperous new year in advance!

Otunba Ganiyu Olusegun Abiru, FICA The Executive Secretary, Ikorodu Division Peace Initiative (IDPIL).

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