As aspirants on the platform of the ruling APC continue to step up their campaign to replace the incumbent, Hon SOB Agunbaide, whose intention to run for a fourth term has been generating serious concerns among key stakeholders across the community, some Ikorodu youths have urged a former SSA to Lagos State Governor on Education Admin., Otunba (Hon) Saheed Ibikunle, popularly known as Omoluabi to join the race for the Ikorodu Constituency 1 seat ahead of the 2019 general elections.

The call, which began on a popular Ikorodu based whatsapp platform, ‘Omoluabi’, started with a call from one ‘Jehovah is Lord’ who asked, ‘Where is Hon Saheed Ibikunle? Ikorodu youths are waiting for you, plssss…’, he pleaded.

Adding his voice to the call for Hon Ibikunle to join the race, one Ennie wrote, ‘Hon Ibikunle will serve us better’.

As if confirming that Hon Ibikunle will surely declare his interest in the assembly seat soon, another participant, G Man wrote, ‘his intention to contest for the 2019 Lagos State House of Assembly, Ikorodu Constituency 1 election shall be declared to the public soon’.

Another participant also added his voice to the call, saying, ‘Hon Ibikunle, we are eagerly waiting for you’ while Muka Onabanjo wrote, ‘no one deserves it more’.

M.O Baba, another participant finally announced to the discussants that, ‘Yes, this is to inform you all lovers of good governance that, Honourable Saheed Ibikunle is coming out BIG, to declare his intention, before the end of this month (August) for the 2019 LAHA Constituency 1’, he stressed.

As the call and discussions continued, other participants pledged their support and commitment, in advance to the emergence of the highly cerebral Academia and Community builder per excellence as the APC candidate for the Ikorodu Constituency 1 seat of the Lagos State House of Assembly in 2019.

A close aide of the erudite academia who is instrumental to the educational development of many Ikorodu sons and daughters since 1990 also informed Ikorodu Oga Radio that Hon Saheed Ibikunle- the Omoluabi’, as he is fondly called will definitely heed the call of his supporters, by declaring his interest in the seat Ikorodu Constituency 1 seat, soon.

Asked why it took so long for him to declare his interest, our source hinted that, ‘anybody that knows ‘Omoluabi’ will know he has a unique style of doing things and he is not your regular politicians who make so much noise. He has waited for the right time and atmosphere to formally inform his followers of his intention, having been busy consulting stakeholders within and outside of Ikorodu about his intention for sometime’ he said.

He added that, true to his name and nature, ‘Omoluabi’ has refused to get himself enmeshed in the current name-calling and controversies being generated by the fourth term ambition of the incumbent.

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