Barely 24 hours after serving an impeachment notice on the Executive Chairman of Ikorodu West LCDA, Princess Jumoke Ademehin-Jimbo, the Councillors have insisted that the Chairman remains impeached as her impeachment process followed due process and will soon be pronounced by the Lagos State House of Assembly.

Reacting to a message signed by one Akinfenwa S.A, on behalf of the embattled Chairman, where Princess Jimbo insisted that she remained the executive chairman, the Ikorodu West LCDA Council Leader, Hon Omotayo stated that, the claim that her impeachment notice was not signed by the Clerk as laughable.

‘Let her show us the law that says that the Clerk must sign an impeachment notice. It is the duty of all Councillors to sign the notice, which we have done. We even included our individual phone numbers for any doubting Thomases to confirm directly from any of us. We don’t need the Clerk to issue an impeachment notice, what he may need to counter–sign with me, as Council Leader is the Minutes of the sitting. We know our job, so the impeached Chairman cannot teach us’, he said.

In the statement, the Chairman disclosed that ‘the impeachment decision of the councilors was baseless and has no standing in the constitution’.

Hon. Ademehin explained that ‘impeachment is a process by which a legislative body levels charges against a government official. Impeachment does not itself remove the official definitely from office. It is similar to an indictment in criminal law and this is essentially the statement of charges against the official. Once impeached, an individual must then face the possibility of conviction on the charges by a legislative vote and a judgement which convicts the official on the article of impeachment entails the official’s definite removal from office. For a chairman to be removed a notice in writing signed by not less than one -half of the members of the council stating the misconduct, detailed particulars of which shall be specified is presented to the secretary to the local govt and the secretary shall within 7 days of the notice cause a copy of the notice to be served on each member of the the councilor, which within 14days of the presentation of the notice whether or not any statement was made by the holder of the office in reply to the allegation contained in the notice’, she noted.

However, the councillors, through the Council Leader have released 11 grounds for the impeachment as follows;


1. NON REMITTANCE OF TAX DEDUCTIONS: Failure to remit all taxes deducted from Political Office Holder’s salaries.
2. NON APPROVAL OF PUBLIC HEARING: Failure to approve funds for Public hearing on 7 different Bills for BYE-LAWS that will bring DEVELOPMENT to Ikorodu West LCDAS in all ramifications. The Enactment of Bye-law is part of the Primary Statutory Responsibility of any Legislative Council.
3. FAILURE TO EXECUTE PROJECTS IN ALL WARDS: The Executive Chairman failed to executes Infrastructural Projects in all the wards, but yet called Stakeholders meeting where the Oba of Ipakodo, Baales and various Community Development Associations were in attendance deceiving them that she executed multiple projects in our various Wards such as Street lights, Culverts, Road Constructions etc. Consequently, LEGISLATIVE OVERSIGHT FUNCTIONS was carried out and they were all discovered to be mere Fabricated lies ie Not in Existence.
4. NON PAYMENT OF NON PENSIONABLE SALARIES: She failed to pay non pensionable staffs salaries since Nov
2019 till date.
5. FAILURE TO CONVENE REGULAR PEACE & SECURITY MEETINGS: Despite huge amounts of money received as MONTHLY SECURITY VOTES for 31Months till date, yet the Executive Chairman ONLY convened Peace and Security meetings TWICE (March 2019 and February 2020).
6. REFUSAL TO OBTAIN STATE APPROVAL FOR FINANCIAL SPENDING LIMIT IN PROCUREMENT POLICY: The Executive Chairman spent #62,449.000 (Sixty Two Million, Four Hundred and Forty Nine Naira) without obtaining State approval as against the Administrative Guidelines.
7. REFUSAL TO PROVIDE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS OF MONTHLY INCOMES & EXPENDITURES TO THE LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL: The Executive Chairman failed to submit the financial statements of monthly Incomes & expenditures to the legislative council as requested. This is just to cover up her financial mis-appropriation deeds each time the legislative Council demanded for it for scrutiny.
9. So far, Ikorodu West LCDA have collected an average monthly allocation of #723, 000,000 (Seven Hundred and Twenty Three Million Naira but yet Ikorodu West LCDA have witnessed Massive UNDER-DEVELOPMENT & SERIOUS RETROGRESSION.
10. The Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), have been designed to go into the private pocket of the Executive Chairman and her HUSBAND till date.
11. The executive chairman, princess Ganiyat Olajumoke Jimbo-Ademehin instructed the HOD’s and HOU’s not to honour any further invites and or summons by Ikorodu West LCDA Legislative House Committees thereby hindering legislative Oversight functions.

Based on all the above listed ALLEGATIONS and GROSS MISCONDUCTS/ABUSE OF PUBLIC OFFICE are more than enough to convince the discerning that, HON.PRINCESS OLAJUMOKE GANIAT JIMBO- ADEMEHIN is HIGHLY INCOMPETENT and as a result STANDS IMPEACHED.


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