Chairman of the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) Ikorodu Branch, Comrade Femi Fakolade clocks exactly 3 years in the saddle of the Number 1 Ikorodu Teacher.

An elated Fakolade, popularly called Fakol by his army of Ikorodu teachers.

Fakolade reminisce his historic election as Ikorodu NUT Chairman.

‘Exactly 3 years ago, we were voted into the office by the good Teachers of Ikorodu. It’s been God all the Way coupled with Support from All.
As at today, we have achieved 6 out of the 7 point Agenda. The 7th point will be ready in less than 7 days. We have gone further to achieve many programs outside our Agenda. It was indeed an open ended Agenda. We can confidently say that we have touched and still touching lives’.

‘When I looked back at that special day 25th May 2017, I and my beloved exco have every reason to thank God. We made up our minds from that point to raise the bar and to take Governance to Teachers. These we have done with utmost sense of humility and responsibility’, he said.

Reeling out the achievements of his Executive Team within his eventful 3 years in office, Fakol listed some of the achievements as follows;

1. Establishment of Cooperative Society–
The fastest growing Coop with over 1500 members with a strong capital base and lowest interest rate of 4% for loan and 2% for commodity. You can assess your account via our website–www.nutikoroducoop.com
2. Construction of a Twin Building which has a Gym & SPA and Coop Office. By his grace, we shall Commission the House this year 2020
3. Empowerment Programs – We trained Teachers in production of liquid and bar soap, House Paints, Hair Cream, Shoes and Bag& Make up Business.
4. Improved Welfare–We reached out to Teachers that are critically ill and improved on social welfare of our members.
5. Sales of Household Items at affordable and lowest interest rates. Pay with Ease Program
6. Health Programs –
We conducted test for Teachers on Eye, BP, Sugar level, BMI, Breast & Cervical Cancer test at NO Cost With experts from UK
7. Distribution of Free Eye Glasses tagged ‘Jigi Fakoo’ to over 500 Teachers and eye drops for individuals with lesser medical issues.
8. Health Insurance Scheme– We are the first local govt in Nigeria to organize Health Insurance for Teachers in 2018. We have step it down because of LASG Health program which is compulsory for All.
9. Celebration of Widows – Putting Smiles on the face of widows was a program we are always proud of. 140 widows were given food items and a psychologist from LASUTH delivered a powerful lecture.
10. Celebration of Retirees – We made it a tradition to always celebrate Retirees during World Teachers Day Week. This we have done without cease in the last few years
11. Sales of Food items during festive season. We did this in Dec 2018 and decided to leave since we have in place a good Coop
12. Ramadan Lecture – We had the first Ramadan Lecture and iftar in 2018. It was well attended by Muslim and Christian faithfuls. We are promoting Religious Tolerance. In 2020 we had the first Online Ramadan Lecture. It was beamed live of Facebook with thousands of viewers all over the World.
13. Carol Service– We had a fantastic celebration of the body of Christ in Dec 2018 & 2019. It was Awesome as God manifested his Greatness.
14. Celebration of World Teachers Day–In the last 3 years, our celebration of Teachers was rated as one of the Best. It was well embraced by Teachers and well attended by special dignitaries including Royal fathers.
15. Sporting Activities – We organized events like Table-Tennis, Football, Scrabble, Ludo, Chess for Teachers. We hope we can Commission the Gym soon as there would be a collapsible Swimming pool for Teachers.
16. NUT Computer Center almost Ready for Operations
17. Souvenir – We can confidently say that the Sourvenir for All Teachers is 99.9% READY.  It will get to you
immediately we resume by his grace
18 Information Dissemination– Proper dissemination of Information to Teachers through News Flash and Social media platforms like Facebook, Watshapp and Telegram
19. Elimination of Dichotomy– For the first time in the annals of History of our branch, we brought together Principals and Headteachers for a special meeting. It afforded them the opportunity to interact and exchange ideas.
20. Birthday Messages–
We identify with Birthday celebrants by sending birthday warm greetings.
21.Regular Visits to Schools – The cardinal principle of our administration is to bring Governance closer to the People. We do visit schools on regular basis
22. Promotion Excercise–
We give moral supports to our Teachers during Structured and Oral trainings.

There are other Non physical achievements that cannot be stated here.
We confidently say Thank God. He has been the brain behind all the achievements in 3 years.

‘This piece remains incomplete without recognizing the efforts of All Teachers, Branch Executive Council,Immediate Past President NUT Nigeria, Leaders, Elders, ANCOPSS, AOPSHON, Subject Associations, State NUT, Christian Fellowship, MUTAN, Royal Fathers, Political Leaders, TG/PS Education District 2, Education Secretary Ikd LGEA, Retirees, Police, DSS, Man. O War, Onyabo, Captains of Businesses, Community leaders, Print and Electronic Media, Beacon and All Afenifere’, he added.

He also seized the medium to assure Ikorodu Teachers of greater servuce.

‘Let me state this without any iota of doubt that the work continues… It is not Eldorado yet. We shall continue to do our best to make a Difference in Leadership and Governance’.

Thanking his members for their immense support, he said, ‘We do sincerely care about the welfare of Teachers and to this we are committed
Once again, on behalf of the most committed and indefatigable Branch Exco, i say thank you’.

‘Permit me to tender our unreserved apology to whoever we must have offended in the course of discharging our duties. It was not a deliberate nor calculated attempt to spite anyone. We remain committed to the tenets of our great Union’, he concluded.

A beneficiary of the Retirement Savings Scheme showcasing his cheque

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