In the recent past, lkorodu division has been battling with a lot of security issues which continue to generate deep concern for well meaning people living in the division. Despite the efforts of IKORODU DIVISION PEACE INITIATIVE to rewrite positively, the security story of lkorodu, the body was of d view that the inputs and contributions of people in the division would probably give an insight to proffering lasting solutions to the seemingly intractable security problems being confronted in the division generally, hence the need to invite security consultants and all major stakeholders to deliberate on the raging issues.

The Stakeholders at the meeting extensively deliberated on the general Insecurity in the State, particularly in Ikorodu not forgetting security issues bothering on land grabbing, drug abuse, inter cult groups imbroglio, kidnapping and implications of ban of Okada operations in some Local Government which excludes Ikorodu Division together with the increasing cases of cyber crimes. At the end of extensive deliberations, the following were resolutions passed at the meeting

The meeting noted that Security is a collective responsibility that involves every stratum of the community. Every family must look inward while parents should do what is expected of them by giving adequate training and mentoring to their children and wards. Proper parenting roles were strongly advocated

Government must improve on the welfare package for all Security Agencies in order to enhance effective discharge of their onerous responsibilities.

All the Obas in lkorodu division must be resolute and speak in unison to ensure that the land mercenaries or land grabbers do not operate in their respective domains.

The meeting condemned in its entirety the absence of all the Chairmen of Local Government/ LCDA’s in Ikorodu Division and urged them in future to endeavor to partake on issues relating to the progress and development of the community.

That flowing from point (4) above , the meeting also appealed to leaders of all political parties to ensure that democratic processes should be allowed to prevail without imposition of candidates on the people as this will enable our elected representatives to be answerable or responsible to the people or electorate.

The meeting noted the nexus or link between drug abuse and criminalities and therefore advised NDLEA to upscale its raids and by extension collaborate with vigilante groups particularly operatives of IDPIL with a view to carrying out regular raids on the black spots. The meeting also recommended that the barons rather than the peddlers of the drugs be uprooted in order to cut source of supply to the grass roots.

CDA’s and Baales should work hands in gloves in order to take ownership of their domains and at all times be vigilant to avert congregation of miscreants within their community.

All Obas, Leaders, Baales, Heads and Secretaries of families (Olotu) should meet and publicly condemn the operations of land grabbers while serious traditional pronouncements from all the obas in the division forbidding all families from inviting land mercenaries to settle land disputes while appropriate traditional sanctions be imposed accordingly on any recalcitrant family as a deterrent to others

The meeting also agreed that Okadas should be banned, but alternative means of transportation must be provided by Government to ease possible transport difficulties of the citizens while aggressive roads rehabilitation and grading of the hinterland be embarked

Every landlord must undertake due diligence before renting out their properties to interested tenants.

All men/women of means should Endeavour to support Security Agencies and Vigilante groups in order to motivate them for enhanced productivity.

Called on our courts to apply stringent measures before granting bails to cultists and land mercenaries.

Commercial motor cycles must be restrained by Security Agencies from plying banned routes in Ikorodu Division.

In view of rising cases of land disputes, it was recommended that the old method of settling land matters be adopted.

That the Police and IDPIL should work harmoniously as there mandate is to work for the peace of the division as well as security of lives and properties therein; with the caution to both not to be over bearing on innocent people and not to act ‘ultra vires’

Government should look into the culpability of Bank Officials who worked in cahoot with yahoo boys to perpetrate cyber-crimes thereby causing anguish and pains to innocent customers.

Thank you.

Salami Awolaru TH
Communique committee Secretary

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