Some residents of Ikorodu division of Lagos state have accused some independent marketers and operators of filling stations within the community as the cause of the biting fuel scarcity situation in the division.

Though, the current fuel scarcity started as a national issue over three weeks ago, paralyzing business and commercial activities across the country, particularly in Lagos, the nation’s commercial capital, the situation is gradually returning to normal avross the state and beyond.

While investigations shows that things are gradually returning t normal in other parts of the state, where fuel queues have disappeared with motorists now buying the commodity with ease, the same cannot be said of Ikorodu community. A visit to some filling station in Ikorodu shows that most of them are still under lock and key, as at January 2nd, 2018.

The situation was worse on 30th and 31st December, 2017 where few filling stations who are dispensing fuel were selling above the official rate of N145 per litre. Few stations that were selling to customers at the normal rate were also seen to be dispensing fuel from only one pump as against their installed pump capacity.

A resident who pleaded anonymity disclosed that ‘most of the filling stations have fuel but, they won’t sell it during the day. When it is dark at night is when they will be selling into jerry cans and some of their agents who will re-sell for them at exorbitant price during the day’

He added, ‘they are just being wicked and selfish. How can you be happy to be making money from the sufferings of others’, he asked.

Another resident, who simply puts his name as Kunle said, ‘it is only in Ikorodu I see fuel queues, go to Lagos, up to Lekki, most filling stations are selling, at the official price. You drive in and buy. I don’t know what is happening to our people in Ikorodu’ he said.

Most residents we also spoke to corroborated the claims made by our respondents and called on appropriate government agencies to intervene and put an end to their suffering.

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