That the entire Ikorodu Division of Lagos State has not fared well in terms of infrastructure in the last few years is an incontrovertible fact. While many of the major roads across the division have either collapsed or are in terribly deplorable state, few tarred trunk c roads, under the supervision of the local government and the local council development areas have also gone from bad to worse. This has consequently added to the avoidable stress and pressures mounted on the already depressed populace.

A typical road in this class is the Apena Jimbo road in Ebute-Ipakodo community in Ikorodu West LCDA. This road, which is the link to the ever-busy NBC road, leading to Igbogbo and Ibese communities has suffered neglect from successive State and local government administrations in the state has now become an eyesore to Ipakodo community, once regarded as a high profile community in Ikorodu Division.

More worrisome is the fact that, apart from being the homestead of the incumbent Executive Chairman of Ikorodu West LCDA, Princess Jumoke Jimbo-Ademehin, this same road is home to the community health centre, mini market and many private businesses. The road is also home and serves as link road to the highest concentration of private schools in the entire community.

For Instance, if there is an health emergency, the Ipakodo health centre will become inaccessible to patients and may lead to avoidable deaths. This is because, the Ipebi road, which should ordinarily serve as an alternative road from Apena Jimbo has now become the park extension of the emergency Marwa park on the road, forcing the health centre to lock its gate on that axis permanently. The Ipebi road is also as worse as the Apena Jimbo main road.

While some drivers who patronizes the Mobil filling station along the road sometimes make use of the Mobil premises as an alternative route, to bypass the deplorable road, the Mobil management sometimes lock their gates to the ‘intruders’ thereby leaving road users at the mercy of the bad road.

Driving on this road during the early morning rush hour and late evenings is like going through hell, due to the massive gullies on the road. While the experience is better during the dry weather, it is worse when it rains as drivers, okada riders and pedestrians struggle for passage, leading to chaos and traffic gridlock, which has become a daily experience for many who use the road regularly.

Interestingly, this ‘all important road’, inspite of being neglected by the government and is now in terrible state remains a major cash cow to the local government, as it is also home to a road-side keke marwa park and serves as a major spot for collecting rates from tipper drivers and okada riders by the Ikorodu West LCDA. In doing so, the local government agents also create additional traffic situations by abruptly stopping their targets and delaying other road users in the process.

It is instructive to note that the last palliative effort made on the road was at the instance of Hon Gbadamosi Saliu, the Councilor Ward A, Ikorodu West LCDA. And, as usual the reprieve enjoyed by motorists and residents only lasted for a while.

This is calling on the authorities of the Ikorodu West LCDA to be alive to its responsibilities by taking immediate action to bring succor to thousands of residents, business owners and motorists who ply this road for their daily livelihood.

If the LCDA lacks the capacity to repair the road, it should, as a matter of urgency call on the Lagos State Government authority for immediate intervention as this road is too important to remain in its current deplorable state.

The deplorable road flooded during the rains

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