As the effect of the presidential directive on covid 19 lockdown of Lagos State continues to bite harder, succour has come the way of about 2 000 residents of Ikorodu.

The food support was provided, courtesy of Ikorodu born State lawmaker and Majority Leader of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. S.O.B Agunbiade.

The distribution of food packs and free hand sanitizers was in fulfilment of Agunbiade’s earlier promise to do so.

2,000 food packs and 1,000 free hand sanitizers were distributed across Ikorudu division.

List of benreficiaries, we gathered were generated through some Ikorodu whatssApp platforms, CDAs, youth groups and other sources.

Agunbiade had through his media team released a public message to members of his Ikorodu Constituency 1, tagged ‘We are in these together’.

The message has been reproduced below;

Fellow constituents,

1. Following the introduction of more preventive measures by the federal and state governments to break the cycle of transmission of the novel coronavirus across the country, it has become clear that we may be in for a long wait at home.

2. The measures followed confirmation of additional coronavirus cases across the nation on Sunday, with nine more confirmed in Lagos, bringing the total nationwide to 111 as at today.

3. Governments have promised to review these measures as time goes on. While S.O.B Agunbiade, your elected state legislator, who is currently out of the country for medical reasons, urge you, his dear constituents to obey all government directives, he is equally not unaware of the economic impact that had attended the outbreak of COVID-19, especially among his teeming constituents here in IKORODU, thus, he daily ponders on the need to cushion the effects on the vulnerable residents.

4. S.O.B, however will like to urge some organisations, including religious houses, to desist from flouting government directives at a time like this. He is of the strong opinion that disobedience to the Government’s measures may aggravate the spread of the virus.

5. Already, the Governor has said law enforcement agencies would be embarking actions that would drive strict compliance to measures initiated by the State to protect members of the public. S.O.B is solidly in support of these moves and urges all of us, his constituents, to bear with the inconveniences arising from these measures believing we will soon be free from it all.

6. Let it also be known that there is no cause for panic, as governments at all levels remained fully prepared to work with international healthcare agencies in containing the spread of disease.

7. While we join you all to pray for the best in the midst of so much uncertainties, we wish to announce the following as part of efforts that will be carried out by the S.O.B political family as we strive to make this very tough time a bit easy for fellow constituents;

a. Distribution of sanitizers and other protective materials at various locations by our team of roving volunteers.

b. Distribution of relief packs (of food items and other essentials) to not less than 1, 500 households (for a start) across the constituency, to compliment the efforts of the state government.
c. Periodic sensitisation campaigns, especially on social media, by our team of volunteers.

8. We once again say SOB Agunbiade will not relent to walk side by side with YOU, yes YOU, as we battle this coronavirus to a standstill. He expresses his conviction that with God on our side, as we adhere strictly to all the directives of government and other health agencies involved in the management of this global pandemic, we will win this frightening war.

9. Once again, we say thank you for letting S.O.B Agunbiade serve you.

S.O.B Media Team

A bus filled with some of the food packs



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