A new entrant into the building and estate development sector in Nigeria, Habbey Homes is blazing the trail with the birth its Quantum Brick Estate, Igbogbo, Ikorodu, which is Nigeria’s first 100% hybrid-renewable energy off-grid green estate built with bricks.

In a statement made available to newsmen in Lagos, the company stated that the 100% green estate is meant to safeguard nature, the atmosphere and societal health. Habbey Homes Property Development Company adopts a hybrid renewable power generation system into their homes, thereby drastically reducing our carbon footprint in the most reasonable way possible’.

Speaking with newsmen in Lagos, MD / CEO of the property development company Abiodun Akinyemi stated that the hybrid estate aims to explore a combination of nature’s gifts to mankind, to generate electricity that powers homes and all the amenities that come with the estate.

He gave some insights into the workings of the estate; ‘our estate is powered by nature through Hybrid-renewable energy sources. This is achieved in conjunction with our waste management system which is as eco-friendly as you can imagine’, he said.
Akinyemi further explained that, ‘Qunatum Brick Estate is positioned to deliver energy-efficient homes that will improve the quality of lives of residents. Exploring all that nature has to offer to improve the quality of life of the estate residents. This is fully driven by unique eco-friendly, sustainable and waste management methodologies imbibed into the project’.

‘We are committed to delivering homes that promote and sustain a high quality of life and living, yet affordable. We aim to project a living environment that preserves nature, manages wastes and enhance sustainability in the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly manner’, he added.

‘Our estate is 100% green! That means you won’t have to rely on PHCN or generator. What’s more: you get 38kwh/day of energy straight from Mother Nature, and a bio-digester waste disposal system’, he stated.

Quantum Brick Estate brings affordability to luxury with tastefully finished home design that is as functional as it is appealing.
On durability, he said that his company’s interlock bricks are (ten) 10 times stronger than cement blocks. The natural insulation that a brick home provides saves cost on energy for cooling. This is in addition to the fact that brick is fireproof and bullet-resistant, hence guaranteeing safety!
Speaking on value-added offers that comes with subscribing to the estate, Akinyemi hinted that, ‘each apartment in Quantum Brick Estate is equipped with energy-saving appliances that will further save on the 38kwh/day green energy that subscribers will get’.

Qunatum Brick Estate which is barely 5-minute drive to Ebute Jetty beside NPA Lighter Terminal, and 1-minute drive to the Ebute-Igbogbo dual carriage road, when fully developed will also boast of a Ball court, swimming pool & playground. Gym, Grocery store, Centralized water treatment reservoir.
Other facilities include, 1 HP air conditioner in the living area and in each room. Refrigerator and microwave oven, Smart electricity meter to monitor energy generation and consumption. Solar hot water tank, washing machine, gas cooker with oven, boiling kettle, pressing iron, Cooking gas leak alarm sensor device and 24/7 security guard, CCTV and door camera are some of the exciting and irresistible offers that awaits the estate subscribers.

‘The dream of a home independent of public power sources takes flight with Quantum Brick Estate; and that includes the benefits of a strong, bullet resistant and insulating brick home: our 2 & 3 bedroom all en-suite terrace apartments selling off-plan for #24M & #28M respectively’, he concluded.

Model: Aerial view of the Green Estate

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