Following incessant attacks by blood thirsty Badoo gang in Ikorodu communities which has continued to take sleep off the eyes of many residents and security agents in the division, Provost Marshall of Onyabo, an Ikorodu-based local vigilante; Lanre Labinjo, has called on the Lagos State Government to consider a total ban on night clubbing in Ikorodu division.

The Onyabo leader, disclosed this to Ikorodu Oga Radio correspondent in a recent chat. Labinjo also said that the Lagos state government should authorise all security agencies in Ikorodu to conduct stop and search operations, adding that his organisation gathered that members of the deadly group carry weapons they use to break into their victims’ residents in vehicles.

While defending his call on total ban on night clubbing in Ikorodu division, Labinjo said it is logical that criminals who perpetrate evil at night would hide in such places, particularly close to their areas of target. He added that this suggestion, which he perceived as part of the solutions to the menacing Badoo gang attacks has been communicated to the Commissioner of Police in the state.

 In his words, ‘the rate at which night clubs are springing up all around Ikorodu division should be a source of concern to anyone who is concerned about the current security situation in our community.  To me, many of these night clubs serves as perfect hideouts for the perpetrators of crime to hide before finding their ways into target locations in the wee hours of the night’ he said.

The dreaded Badoo gang was reported to have murdered a family of five at Olopo Meji area of Odongunyan in Ikorodu, leaving the victims in the pool of their blood. Only two children of the family who are toddler survived the dastardly attack. They are said to be in critical condition at the Ikorodu general hospital.

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