More reactions have continued to pour in, few hours after the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) formally declared Mr Adetokunbo Abiru, APC candidate as winner of the just concluded Lagos East Senatorial bye-election in the State.

The latest comment is coming from Hon. Babajimi Benson, member representing Ikorodu Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Abuja. Benson who served as the Director of Strategy in the Tokunbo Abiru Campaign Team (TACT) has expressed his joy over the emergence of Mr Tokunbo Abiru as the Senator-Elect for the Lagos East Senatorial District.

Hon Benson expressed his happiness in an exclusive Interview with Ikorodu Oga Radio.

‘I am extremely happy. The race started a couple of months ago, we toiled hard and we burnt the midnight candle. The candidate himself wanted to ensure that he reached the grassroots because he said he wanted to give back to the grassroots. He is the candidate Nigerians and the youths have been yearning for. Somebody who he hast transversed the public and private sector and he has done a lot of social work so. I am very happy that our hardwork has been fruitful today. So far so good, we have beaten our opponent black and blue and we are happy’, he said.

The Ikorodu Federal lawmaker also thanked the electorates, assuring them that, ‘we would do all it takes to make our world our bond, he has promised several things and all hands needs to be on deck to make sure that those promises are fulfilled. Our Senator will keep to his promises’, he assured.

On what Abiru’s victory meant for Ikorodu Division, being the home.of the Senator-Elect, Hon Benson stated that Ikorodu Division will be better for it, promising that the Senator-Elect will always put Ikorodu first.

‘We should expect synergy, robust cooperation. He is my very good friend and big brother. I have known him for years, I understand the way he thinks. We both come from the private sector,so I believe he will put Ikorodu first and ensure that projects are attracted and also because he covers about five federal constituency and I will also make sure that he remembers Ikorodu and put Ikorodu first amongst other local governments. I know he occupied a very sensitive position and he has to cover all the five’, he concluded.

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