Following the release of a breakdown of federal allocations to local governments in Lagos State, as released by the Federal Accounts  and Allocation Committee (FAAC), some concerned residents and stakeholders across Ikorodu’s LG and LCDAs have demanded for explanations and accountability from Council chairmen in the division on what they have done with the humongous amount in barely 9 months.

Ikorodu local government was listed as number 8 among the list of 20 top LGA with the highest allocation during the nine month period.

Ikorodu Division is one of the divisions of the State with little or no significant government project and is currently bedveiled  with infrastructural deficits.

Surprised at the figures credited to Ikorodu local government, Bayode Treasures Olawunmi, a  concerned residents and a Guinness Book of World Records Marathon in Marathon Reading has openly demanded for explanations on projects executed with the said allocations from the Council helmsmen.

‘Can someone explain to us what the N4.51B for Ikorodu was used for? Please, don’t tell me the cock and bull stories of Sharing the sum among the five LCDAs and Ikorodu LG and the usual workers salary excuses. We want real answers. I mean real answers because we know and we see how most (if not all) of our Chairmen are buying up properties across the division and beyond. We need real answers. Especially Ikorodu West where I reside’, he stated.

While his public demand for explanations from the Chairmen was seem by many as biased, other concerned residents have insisted that his demand was not out of place, but in order, especially in a democracy.

‘This a public document for transparency. Any meaningful citizen should not be maligned for asking for the details, if our reps or the press as the 4th realm cannot break it down’, said …… another concerned resident.


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